Action TU1208

Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

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People in COST Action TU1208

The total number of Action Members is 304 (278 from COST Member Countries, 13 from NNCs and 13 from IPCs). Members from less research-intensive COST Countries are 68. Women are 60 (16 of them are in less research-intensive COST Countries).


The total number of Institutions is 148 (129 from COST Member Countries, 8 from NNCs and 11 from IPCs). Institutions from less research-intensive COST Countries are 35. Companies participating to the Action are 23; Public Agencies are 8.


Join the Action!

It is still possible to join the COST Action TU1208! For general information on how to participate, please refer to the relevant page on the COST website or take contact with the Action's Chair, Dr. Lara Pajewski.

By joining the COST Action TU1208, you will have the possibility to participate to the networking activities and scientific projects carried out within the Action. You will meet several scientists working on GPR, establish new cooperations and have the possibility to build the critical mass for follow up activities in the EU FP or other competitive international programmes.

The Action is a bottom-up interdiscilipnary science and technology network, open to researchers from universities, public and private research institutions, as well as to NGOs, industry and SMEs.


Booklet of Participants and Institutions

Editors: L. Pajewski and A. Benedetto Publishing House: Aracne; Place and Date: Rome, July 2013; 194 pp.; ISBN 978-88-548-6191-6.

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