TU1208 GPR Association

International non-profit network on Ground Penetrating Radar

Cooperation - Sharing - Open science - Excellence - Embracing diversity - Inclusiveness - Innovation - Bottom up 

Founded in September 2017 as a follow up initiative of COST Action TU1208

Members of TU1208 GPR Association from Italy

Prof. Lara Pajewski 

Founder Member and President of TU1208 GPR Association

National Coordinator for Italy

Professor of Electromagnetic Fields, with a Laurea degree cum laude in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Applied Electromagnetics and Electrophysics Sciences. She is interested in all aspects of GPR technology, methodology and applications.

Affiliation: Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

Email: lara.pajewski@uniroma1.it

Websites: www.GPRadar.eu, www.uniroma1.it

For more information on Lara Pajewski, please visit this page.

Prof. Pier Matteo Barone (Member in 2018 and 2019

Adjunct Professor,  teaching courses on  forensic archaeology, geophysical techniques for archaeology, Roman and Eastern Mediterranean archaeology and heritage.  Founder and Member of "Geoscienze Forensi Italia," an association providing services to Courts, Law Offices, Institutes, Companies and individuals in the area of forensic geosciences.

Main Affiliation: American University of Rome

Email: p.barone@aur.edu

Websites: www.geoscienzeforensiitalia.comaur.edu/node/204

Dr Luigi Capozzoli (Member in 2017-2019

Research Fellow, carrying out research activities in the field of geophysical techniques applied to the environment and  to archaeological areas.

Main Affiliation: Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council (CNR-IMEA)

Email: luigi.capozzoli@imaa.cnr.it

Website: www.imaa.cnr.it

Dr Alessandro Fedeli (Member in 2017-2020)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, carrying out research on computational methods for the solution of forward and inverse electromagnetic scattering problems, microwave imaging,  biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields and processing techniques for GPR applications.

Affiliation: University of Genoa - Department of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications Engineering, and Naval Architecture

Email: alessandro.fedeli@edu.unige.it

Website: www.aem.diten.unige.it/drupal/users/fedeli

Dr Loredana Matera (Member in 2017-2019

Freelance  Geophysicist, mostly interested in the use of GPR for archaeological investigations and cultural heritage preservation.

Email: loredanamatera79@gmail.com

Mr Davide Pasculli  (Supportive Member in 2018 and 2019

System Engineer holding a Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering. Before joining IDS, he was  with the National Inter-Academic Consortium of Telecommunications and investigated radar signal processing for multi-target tracking based on range-doppler measurements. His activity at IDS is mainly concerned with GPR data analysis, signal processing algorithms and system architecture design for the development of new GPR systems.

Affiliation: IDS Georadar s.r.l.

Email: davide.pasculli@idsgeoradar.com

Website:  idsgeoradar.com

Dr Raffaele Persico (Member in 2017-2019

Researcher, with a PhD in Information Engineering.  He has worked extensively on the use of GPR in archaeology and for cultural heritage preservation, on   the solution of inverse electromagnetic scattering problems, and on  hardware development of innovative GPR systems.  He is Founder Member and President of "Associazione Italiana del Georadar," an Italian association dedicated to GPR.

Affiliation: Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage  of the National Research Council (CNR-IBAM)

Email: r.persico@ibam.cnr.it

Website: www.gpritalia.it, www.ibam.cnr.it

Dr Santo Prontera

Founder Member & Secretary of TU1208 GPR Association

High-School Professor of Electronics and Informatics, and Freelance Electronic Engineer, with a Phd in Applied Electromagnetics. He is interested in all aspects of GPR technology, methodology and applications.

Email: santo.prontera@uniroma1.it

Dr Enzo Rizzo (Member in 2017-2019

Researcher with a Master degree in Geological Sciences and a PhD in Geophysical Methods for Environmental Monitoring. His  research activities are mostly concerned with electromagnetic methods for geological, hydrogeological and archaeological investigations.

Affiliation: Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council (CNR-IMAA)

Email: enzo.rizzo@imaa.cnr.it

Website: www.imaa.cnr.it

Prof. Maria Grazia Trillò

Founder Member &  Vice-President of TU1208 GPR Association

High-School Professor of Architecture and Technical Design, with a Laurea Degree in Architecture and a Specialization in Cultural Heritage Restoration and Preservation. She is interested in the use of GPR for archaeological prospection and cultural heritage management.

Affiliation: Artistic High School Ripetta

Email: margitrillo@gmail.com

Website: www.liceoripetta.it

Mr Alessio Ventura (Member in 2017-2019

Freelance Electronic Engineer, mostly interested in the design, optimization and characterization of  antennas for GPR systems.

Email: alessioventura@hotmail.com

Website:  www.GPRadar.eu

Join us!

If you wish to join the association, please send us your filled out and signed Application Form at tu1208@gpradar.eu. After your application is approved, you can complete the procedure by paying the membership and subscription fees, as outlined below.  Please do not pay before your application is approved, else your payment will be considered as a donation.

Standard Membership




40,00 EUR

80,00 EUR

20,00 EUR

Reduced Membership  (1)




30,00 EUR

60,00 EUR

20,00 EUR

Supportive Membership




100,00 EUR

200,00 EUR

20,00 EUR

Membership is on a calendar year basis. Membership applications received after 1 December will be made effective as of 1 January of the following year, unless otherwise requested.

* Subscription is a lump sum that has to be paid by new Members willing to join the association.


(1) Available only for Inclusiveness Target Countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey.

Support us!

If you wish to support the association, you can make a donation and/or sponsor our activities.   Please feel free to contact us at tu1208@gpradar.eu to discuss about sponsorship opportunities.

Basic information

TU1208 GPR Association

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Website: www.gpradar.eu/tu1208

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For information concerning COST Action TU1208 and TU1208 GPR Association, please take contact with the Chair of the Action and President of the Association, Prof. Lara Pajewski. From 4 April 2013 to 3 October 2017, this website was supported by COST, European Cooperation in Science and Technology - COST is supported by the EU RTD Framework Programme Horizon2020. TU1208 Members are deeply grateful to COST for funding and supporting COST Action TU1208. As of 4 October 2017, this website is supported by TU1208 GPR Association, a non-profit association stemming from COST Action TU1208.

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