Ground Penetrating Radar

The first peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to GPR

Open access, open science

ISSN 2533-3100

Instructions for Authors

Ground Penetrating Radar publishes regular research papers, review papers, tutorials, software and data papers, communications, and comments. We also accept manuscripts presenting the outcomes of training, dissemination and outreach activities, as well as papers aiming at communicating to a broader audience with regard to research projects financed with international, European or national funds.

We foster openness, reproducibility and re-use of research. We therefore encourage scientists to publish theoretical, computational and experimental methods and results in as much detail as possible, so that Readers can thoroughly understand and further develop the methods and/or easily reproduce the results. For this reason, there is no restriction on the paper length and supplementary material is most welcome (e.g., data, software, slides, videos, and any other useful electronic file).

The scope of Ground Penetrating Radar spans all of the latest and emerging research in the GPR field. Thus, the journal topics cover:

  • The development of novel instrumentation;
  • The applications of GPR in earth and planetary sciences, environmental and civil engineering, archaeology and cultural heritage, forensics and security, and in any other areas;
  • The advancement and use of electromagnetic modelling, imaging, inversion, and data-processing methods for GPR; and,
  • The integration of GPR with complementary non-destructive testing techniques.

All manuscripts shall be submitted via the online submission form.  Currently papers are published free of charge.


You are welcome to prepare your manuscript by using an editor of your choice. If your paper is accepted for publication, our production process will take care of all aspects of formatting and style.

English language

Manuscripts must be submitted in grammatically correct English; if your manuscript does not meet this standard, it  cannot be reviewed. Authors for whom English is a second language may wish to consult an English-speaking colleague, or they may consider having their manuscript professionally edited before submission to improve the English.

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