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Volume 1 (2018)

Issue 2, Volume 1

July  2018

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Editorial & Preface

by Lara Pajewski


GPR system performance compliance according to COST Action TU1208 guidelines

by Lara Pajewski, Milan Vrtunski, Željko Bugarinović, Aleksandar Ristić, Miro Govedarica, Audrey van der Wielen, Colette Grégoire, Carl Van Geem, Xavier Dérobert, Vladislav Borecky, Salih Serkan Artagan, Simona Fontul, Vânia Marecos & Sébastien Lambot


Frequency domain deterministic-stochastic analysis of the transient current induced along a ground penetrating radar dipole antenna over a lossy half-space

by Anna Šušnjara, Dragan Poljak, Vicko Dorić, Sébastien Lalléchère, Khalil El Khamlichi Drissi, Pierre Bonnet & Françoise Paladian


Electromagnetic modelling and simulation of a high-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar antenna over a concrete cell with steel rods

by Alessio Ventura & Lara Pajewski

Supplementary materials


GPR research in Wojanów railway tunnel, Sudetes Mts., Poland

by Adam Szynkiewicz


Model-based clutter reduction method for Forward Looking Ground Penetrating Radar imaging

by Yukinori Fuse, Borja Gonzalez-Valdes, Jose A. Martinez-Lorenzo & Carey M. Rappaport


False alarm reduction by target tracking for Forward Looking Ground Penetrating Radar

by Yukinori Fuse, Masoud Rostami, Borja Gonzalez-Valdes & Carey M. Rappaport

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