Action TU1208 

Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

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In this page you can find a list of international conferences organized by the COST Action TU1208, with links to dedicated webpages. Do not forget to check out the right column of this page, where you can find  a list of upcoming conferences!

The Action has also organized several Special Sessions and Workshops in international conferences, a series of Training Schools,  and the GPR Road Show

International Conferences organised by TU1208

From the most recent to the oldest:

Final Conference of the COST Action TU1208

National Institute of Telecommunications of Poland, Warsaw, Poland, 25 - 27 September 2017

Chairs: Lara Pajewski (Italy) and Marian Marciniak (Poland)

15th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar

Square Brussels Meeting Centre, Brussels, Belgium, 30 June - 4 July 2014

Chair: Sébastien Lambot (Belgium)

co-Chairs:  Evert Slob (The Netherlands), Antonis Giannopoulos (United Kingdom), Lara Pajewski (Italy), Christophe Craeye (Belgium), and Frédéric André (Belgium)

Upcoming Conferences

Final Conference of the COST Action TU1208

National Institute of Telecommunications of Poland, 25-27 September 2017,

Warsaw, Poland


  • Guidelines for the use of GPR  in civil engineering   - International Conference

Official presentation of the  guidelines developed within the COST Action TU1208, for the use of GPR in civil engineering.

The Action developed guidelines for the non-destructive assessment of roads and concrete structures, and for the  localization of utilities in urban areas. The event will include open discussions and practical sessions.

Chairs: Miro Govedarica (Serbia), Aleksandar Risic (Serbia), Lara Pajewski (Italy)

Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia, dates TBD

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