Action TU1208 

Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

COST Success Story

Working Group 1

Working Group 1 focused on the design of innovative GPR equipment  for civil engineering applications, on the building of prototypes and on the testing and optimization of GPR systems.

This is the smallest WG of our COST Action. is coordinated by the Action Chair, directly.


Novel GPR systems designed and realized in WG1

  • Stepped-frequency reconfigurable GPR

The system allows reconfiguration vs. frequency, length of the arms of the antennas, radiated power and integration time at each frequency. This GPR was initially developed in 2010-2011 within the project Aitech and subsequently improved in the framework of COST Action TU1208.

The reconfiguration of radiated power is achieved with a frequency-selective attenuation  useful in case of reflectors that saturate the receiver only at some frequencies.

The reconfiguration of the length of the arms of the antennas (bow-ties) is achieved by making use of two series of switches implemented with PIN diodes. This solution allows the implementation of three couples of equivalent antennas from one physical couple of antennas. We might not know a-priori the target depth and usually we don’t know a-priori the soil properties. Consequently, we might not know a priori the best frequency band for the case history at hand. The possibility to simultaneously gather B-scans at different frequencies can be helpful.

The integration time of the harmonic tones can be reconfigured selectively, frequency by frequency.

Work in progress! The page is being updated

Project 1.1

Design, realization and optimization of innovative GPR equipment for the monitoring of critical transport infrastructures and buildings, and for the sensing of underground utilities and voids.

Leader: Raffaele Persico, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Lecce, IT.

Project 1.2

Design, modelling, and optimisation of GPR antennas.

Leader: Craig Warren, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.

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