Action TU1208 

Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar

COST Success Story

Activities of the four Working Groups

The scientific activities of the COST Action TU1208 were carried out within four Working Groups (WGs).  Each WG was organized in sub-WGs, denominated "Projects".

The structure of each WG was   kept flexible during the first three years of the Action's lifetime, in order to enable other participants to effectively join the Action and actively contribute to the research activities.

All new participants, when joining the Action, were invited to provide basic information on their experience, interests, current research projects, available equipment and software tools. They were also invited to provide their WG and Project preferences. Each participant could belong to up to 2 WGs; within each WG, each participant could  join an arbitrary number of Projects.  Each WG was coordinated by a WG Chair and by a WG Vice Chair. WG meetings were periodically organized, to present and discuss the ongoing activities and achieved results, and to plan the activities for the future.

For more details about the activities and projects of the four WGs of COST Action TU1208, please visit the following pages:

WG1: Novel GPR instrumentation

WG2: GPR surveying of pavements, bridges, tunnels and buildings; underground utility and void sensing

WG3: Eelectromagnetic methods for near-field scattering problems by buried structures; data processing techniques

WG4: Different applications of GPR and other NDT techniques in civil engineering

Networking Tools of COST Action TU1208

  • Meetings, workshops, special sessions and conferences
  • Training schools
  • Short-term scientific missions
  • Dissemination activities

More on TU1208 Activities

Join us!

COST Action TU1208 ended in October 2017.   Now you are welcome to join TU1208 GPR Association: this is an  international non-profit  association on Ground Penetrating Radar, founded in September 2017 as a follow up of COST Action TU1208 to  keep the scientific network alive and cohesive, continue the excellent work that was done in the framework of the Action, and further support cooperation between Universities, research centres, private companies and public agencies active in the GPR field.

By joining TU1208 GPR Association, you will have the possibility to participate in our networking activities and scientific projects, interact with and meet  several scientists and professionals working with GPR, share ideas and knowledge, establish new cooperations, and  build the critical mass for research activities in the EU Framework Programme or in other competitive international programmes.

TU1208 GPR Association  is active through a range of networking tools: meetings, workshops, conferences, training schools and dissemination activities. We also support research visits among Members. We are a bottom-up interdisciplinary science and technology network, open to researchers from universities, public and private research institutions, as well as to NGOs, industry and SMEs.

For further information, please visit the page of TU1208 GPR Association, which is part of this same website.

For information concerning COST Action TU1208 and TU1208 GPR Association, please take contact with the Chair of the Action and President of the Association, Prof. Lara Pajewski. From 4 April 2013 to 3 October 2017, this website was supported by COST, European Cooperation in Science and Technology - COST is supported by the EU RTD Framework Programme Horizon2020. TU1208 Members are deeply grateful to COST for funding and supporting COST Action TU1208. As of 4 October 2017, this website is supported by TU1208 GPR Association, a non-profit association stemming from COST Action TU1208.