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Founded in September 2017 as a follow up of COST Action TU1208

About TU1208 GPR Association

TU1208 GPR Association was founded in September 2017 as a follow up of the COST Action TU1208 “Civil engineering applications of Ground Penetrating Radar,” to keep the scientific network alive and cohesive, to continue the excellent work that was done in the framework of the Action, and to further support cooperation between Universities, research centres, private companies and public agencies active in the GPR field. TU1208 GPR Association inherited the same primary objective of the COST Action TU108: exchange and increase scientific-technical knowledge and experience of GPR technique, while promoting the effective use of this safe and non-destructive method.


The research activities supported by TU1208 GPR Association cover all areas of the GPR technology, methodology, and applications. TU1208 GPR Association is active in the organization of scientific events, such as conferences, workshops, and training schools; moreover, the association supports the participation of its Members to relevant events organized by other institutions. TU1208 GPR Association carries out editorial activities, such as the publication and dissemination of a newsletter, proceedings of events, educational material, journal papers, books, and multimedia documents useful to spread out the results of the studies and initiatives fulfilled by its Members. The activities of the association include any other initiative useful to foster the achievement of its primary objective.


We send news and updates via email. If you wish to receive TU1208 mailings, please send us a message by filling in the contact form. We have a blog! Check it out: tu1208blog.gpradar.eu. You are most welcome to follow us on social media: TU1208 has active pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.




The list of Members is available here.


Planned events

  • COST Actions in Geosciences: breakthrough ideas, research activities and results

2018 European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU GA)

A new EGU GA session that aims at creating a common space for multidisciplinary scientific discussion, where conference delegates involved in running or recently ended COST Actions can meet, share ideas, present research activities carried out in their Actions, and disseminate their scientific results. The session represents a valuable opportunity for different Actions to identify possible synergies and establish new collaborations. Scientists not yet involved in the COST programme are welcome to attend and take part in the discussion, inasmuch as ongoing Actions are always open to new participants.

Session Convener: Lara Pajewski (Italy). Session co-Conveners: Simona Fontul (Portugal), Marian Marciniak (Poland) and Aleksandar Ristic (Serbia).

Place and dates: Vienna, Austria, 8-13 April 2018.

Learn more: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2018/session/27232


  • Training School "Ground Penetrating Radar for civil engineering and cultural heritage management"

A school organised by Sapienza University of Rome, TU1208 GPR Association, and Associazione Italiana del Georadar (Italian Association on GPR).

School Coordinators: Lara Pajewski and Raffaele Persico (Italy).

Place and dates: Rome, Italy, 14-18 May 2018.

Programme and further details coming out in January 2018.


  • 10th edition of the International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (IWAGPR 2019)

The conference is organised by Sapienza University of Rome and is co-organised by IFSTTAR, The University of Edinburgh, Université catholique de Louvain, Universty of Vigo, Northumbria University and TU1208 GPR Association.

Conference Chair: Lara Pajewski (Italy). Conference co-Chairs: Xavier Dérobert (France), Antonis Giannopoulos (United Kingdom), Sébastien Lambot (Belgium), Mercedes Solla (Spain), Craig Warren (United Kingdom).

Place and dates: Rome, Italy, 3-5 July 2019.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Rome for the 10th anniversary of IWAGPR!! More information coming out in March 2018.

Join us!

If you wish to join the association, please send us your filled out and signed Application Form at tu1208@gpradar.eu. After your application is approved, you can complete the procedure by paying the membership and subscription fees, as outlined below. Please do not pay before your application is approved, else your payment will be considered as a donation.


Standard Membership




40,00 EUR

80,00 EUR

20,00 EUR

Reduced Membership (1)




30,00 EUR

60,00 EUR

20,00 EUR

Supportive Membership




100,00 EUR

200,00 EUR

20,00 EUR

Membership is on a calendar year basis. Membership applications received after 1 December will be made effective as of 1 January of the following year, unless otherwise requested.


* Subscription is a lump sum that has to be paid by new Members willing to join the association.


(1) Available only for Inclusiveness Target Countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey.


Support us!

If you wish to support the association, you can make a donation and/or sponsor our activities. Please feel free to contact us at tu1208@gpradar.eu to discuss about sponsorship opportunities.

Basic information

TU1208 GPR Association

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00153, Roma, Italy

Tel. +39 06 97619403

Email: tu1208@gpradar.eu

Website: www.gpradar.eu/tu1208

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For information concerning COST Action TU1208 and TU1208 GPR Association, please take contact with the Chair of the Action and President of the Association, Prof. Lara Pajewski. From 4 April 2013 to 3 October 2017, this website was supported by COST, European Cooperation in Science and Technology - COST is supported by the EU RTD Framework Programme Horizon2020. TU1208 Members are deeply grateful to COST for funding and supporting COST Action TU1208. As of 4 October 2017, this website is supported by TU1208 GPR Association, a non-profit association stemming from COST Action TU1208.